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Hyperian Ecosystem
A secure and powerful cloud-based operational software suite, enabling partners to monitor, control and manage the overall fleet, effectively onboard installers, and support the end-users providing a seamless experience across the Hyperian product range. Available on iOS and Android.
Partner Portal
A centralized repository providing partners turnkey access all the required product collateral in one place.
Video Tutorials
Technical Support Infrastructure
Marketing and Training Collateral
Gateway to the Fleet Management System
Installer App
A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled mobile application enabling hassle-free product commissioning process with zero network interruptions. Built-in mechanisms to validate compliant installations. Available on iOS and Android platforms.
Real Time Telemetry
System Configuration and Settings
Remote Diagnostics and Firmware Upgrades
Simplified Installation Process
A multifunctional operational CRM system enabling partners to monitor, control and manage the performance of individual fleet members. The built-in weather analysis tool considers PV Generation and Weather relationships.
Fleet Management System
End-User and Back-End user management
Installer Portfolio management
Energy, Power, Monetary and other various reporting functions and dashboards
Live and historical data reports: energy/power flow, interval, incremental and aggregated data
End-User App and Web Portal
Consumer app setting a new benchmark in user experience, with an intuitive interface allowing an extensive array of options to monitor and control their energy use. Available on the iOS and Android platforms.
Real-time monitoring of energy/power flow and daily energy insights
Bespoke reporting functionality
Remote configuration allowing customization of product performance
Lifetime dashboard and Detailed graphs and diagrams